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Fun, Crowd-sourced way for Team Productivity,
Pulse-checks and Team bonding,to come out
of the COVID-19 crisis stronger together!! 
When you are rediscovering how to work effectively as a team again, remember...
Teams that play together stay together!
JOURNYZ can help!

Journyz is a web and mobile gamification and social productivity platform

It's customizable, so it can fit all your business needs
We've configured our FREE version of Journyz
Let us help you make the best of these crazy times!


Our FREE Squad version of Journyz
FREE for up to 50 users with:

1. The Wellness Daily Team Challenge, gamified with leaderboards and achievement badges to keep up the team morale and productivity

2. Weekly WFH team confidential feedback to assess and respond to the evolving situation 

3. News and updates for team members to share with each other to keep every one aligned, informed and engaged All Year. 

4. Bonus - Peer recognition to give your peers Unlimited shout-outs

5. Bonus - Suggestion Box for the team to give suggestions All Year


Click here for a demo of ways other organizations use Journyz to transform their productivity!


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