Journyz, from Zinda, has been selected as one of the Top 10 Employee Engagement solution providers for 2018, by CIO Applications magazine. The list curates companies that are at the forefront of providing employee engagement programs that assist organizations in building and retaining an engaged workforce.

The companies that made the list in 2018 have two key elements in common:

  • Employee engagement programs aimed at 360 degree satisfaction to the workers, and including services for motivation, recreation and mental wellness.
  • A competent software to track the enterprise engagement levels, and ensure a better connectivity at the workplace.

Deepa Kartha, Founder and CEO, Zinda explains how our web platform Journyz performs on both the fronts, “Enterprises can design their own unique collaborative workplace, and also track the progress of employee engagement. Our software is aimed at creating digitized employee experiences, and bringing the workers closer to the leaders, so that they can work together towards achieving the organization goals.”

Read the full story at CIO Applications Magazine.

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