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How Liz Built a High-Performing Team with Journyz Playbooks

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Liz is a go-getter. She is all about getting results the right way for herself and her team - and loves measuring productivity and performance along the way. So she created playbooks - a set of small actions that her team does consistently, to make sure they are on track to achieve their collective goals. The team logs these actions daily so Liz has visibility on who’s doing what, and where they need help.

Great! So Where’s The Problem?


Well. All of this - the playbooks, logging actions and tracking them was done on spreadsheets. Super clunky and boring, we know. And Liz knew too! Plus there were other challenges:

  • Her team couldn’t log actions on the fly. As realtors, they did all the right things on the field, but mostly forgot about half of them by the time they could open a spreadsheet and log actions.
  • Took quite some time to onboard new team members and explain the entire elaborate spreadsheet
  • Manually combing through the sheet each month to find out how each team member is doing was a massive task
  • There was no immediate way for Liz to know how her team is doing in terms of productivity at any given moment
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What Happened Next?

With Journyz, Liz was able to put her complete productivity playbook on the app. That made it super easy access, anywhere, anytime, by anyone. Basically, her whole team is on the app, and they can see what everyone else is doing, in real time. And that’s great because:

  • They can just pull up the app and all their actions in real time
  • The app is easy to share with the team members - from 25 year olds to 75 year olds, everybody intuitively know how to work the app.
  • Liz has been able to introduce a fun, healthy competition with the app. Everyone now wants to log their actions and earn points and rewards. The gamification and social aspects make sure logging actions and following the set playbook is not a chore anymore.
  • Achievements are easily visible, and Liz can recognize and appreciate good performers in real-time.

All of that resulted in some great performance enhancements in Liz's team.

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The Team Acts as One


Liz’s team is one high-performing unit now, with everyone in the loop on who’s doing what.

  • Journyz hosting friendly competitions help team members stay on track with achieving their goals
  • Instant feedback and recognition for everyone keeps the motivation and momentum going
  • Liz can do all the tracking and reporting on the Journyz app, giving her more time to do what she loves - sell houses and build high-performing teams
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